Gardening metaphorically

Gardening is something that’s is so common but not so common. You plant a seed with the idea of knowing that it will grow.

You water that seed, knowing that the water you pour will hydrate that very seed.

Lastly, you let that seed receive sunlight; so that the seed sprouts and grow. (“Gardening”)

Gardening is common but not so common.

If you look at gardening you don’t take into account all of the factors that come along with gardening. You have to observe the land, you have to test the dirt, you have to make sure that the spot you select gives you all of the earthly elements that allow seeds to grow into plants. You also have to have the skill of patience.

Patience allows us to understand that things don’t just happen because we want them to. We have to do our homework and take action to see progress. Patience will allow us to see that the work that went into planting that seed did not go unnoticed because that seed is now a plant that plant has now grown into a tree. The work you put into that seed is now present, but it took time to get there. “Gardening is common but not so common”.

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