Figure it Out Orgins

Hello Everyone!!

I want to start off by introducing myself to the readers who will be reading my blog. My name is Isiah Cummings III, and I’m 31 years old. I don’t consider myself a writer, but I enjoy writing “hints” on this blog being started. This blog will serve as a look into my life and the journey that’s ahead of me. This blog will be all things, Isiah and Me figuring it out.

Who is Isiah Cummings III? Isiah Cummings III is the fourth born child of Willie Mae Cummings and Isiah Cummings II. Yes, “I’m the baby”. I enjoy reading, writing, Working-out, drawing, and Meeting New people. This blog will incorporate all that while also figuring out life and all that life has to offer for me.

I Graduated from the University of Pheonix, with my bachelor’s in Health Care Administration. I’m now currently looking into obtaining my master and Ph.D. in theology. I’m not there yet, but I am speaking it into existence and it’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s get back into how this blog started and what is my primary goal for this blog.

What got me to start this blog? Life got me to start this blog. I never knew what it was I wanted to do with my life in general. I always went with the flow of things and never sat down to think of what it is that Isiah, needed. I lived to serve and help others and never really took into account, that I needed to focus on Isiah.

Life woke me up. What I mean by this is that I had hit a point in my life where I was at my lowest and wanted to throw in the towel. I did not know where I was going; I just knew I was tired of living. I somehow pulled through that low point in my life and decided to fight and keep going. Through that, I woke up!

To some woke is a term that is used to describe African American origins and having self-awareness of the issues we face surrounding our social injustices. Were to me Woke is the relationship that one has with God and Jesus Christ our savior. As a young black man, I’m very aware of these social injustices. Which is why I wanted, to acknowledge both meanings of the term woke. I would never want to lessen the term woke for what it has become and symbolizes for African Americans like myself.

Through waking up and being woke I started to find myself which allowed my mind to open up. With my mind waking up, I was now able to find what it is that I truly needed. I needed a relationship with myself, and I needed to learn to love myself.  Through that self-love, It allowed me to become closer to God and Jesus Christ without even knowing it. I become Appreciative of the smaller things in life and all things around me. I had regained hope in the man above which I did not realize I had lost somewhere down the line in my journey.

I’m now learning to no longer appease others through this process of figuring it out. I don’t know all that life has to offer, but I’m now open to the possibilities. I’m going into this journey of mines unafraid but approaching my fears with patience rather than acting too soon or not soon enough. This blog is being built-up to find other in situations like myself so that others know that they’re not alone. This blog is set up to generate conversation and figure it out!

2 thoughts on “Figure it Out Orgins

  1. Now you understand that as a human being you wear many hats Lover, son, student,free thinker,etc. Though you may take up many different mantles you are always you therefore if someone doesn’t like you they will never like you hence fuck them don’t waste your time on them. Took you a while to figure this out but I’ve always known you were a tad slow. 😉 I’m really glad your “seeing” the world now and not just looking at it. Life is funny like that how one minute your just riding it out then the next your actually “living” is out.

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