Generating Conversation

I’m currently going through my blog editing and deleting the post I made. When I first went into creating this blog, I had no idea what it was that I was doing. Thinking back to my very first post I stated that “I was not a writer, but I enjoy writing”. So I went into creating this blog with a clear idea of what, I wanted this blog to be. With no idea of how to execute writing my blog or what it was, I was striving for.

After meeting another blogger and looking at there style of writing or there focus points of their blogs, it helped me realize that I was going by my blog wrong. There’s no wrong way to do a blog; because it’s yours. I, however, was rushing into creating and putting out content as fast as possible. When I should have been taking it slow and really taking into account the content I put into my blog. Rushing content, made me see that I was careless and it showed. Now that I look at the content I was putting out; I can see that I did not put to much taught into the post I published.

I now feel like I’m starting all over from scratch but with a clear mind and a better understanding of what a blog is. A Blog to me is supposed to be informative while engaging readers into the writers discrete but open life. What I mean by this is that blogs are very similar to diaries and diaries are consider privet. I however never owned a diary or ever really felt the need to share anything about myself tell now. I don’t feel like my life is anything special, but I do feel like; the things I’m currently dealing with can be related too.

Right now it’s 7/2/2018 and it’s 3:11 Am. I should be in bed right now, but I’m editing and working on this blog of mines. “I can’t sleep”! It’s nothing like being passionate about something and not knowing how to execute, or how to express your passion for what it is your doing. I now see that my intentions for starting this blog were right, but I treated my blog as a social media account. Take posting on Twitter, for example, in my opinion, you don’t really think about the content you post on Twitter. I found myself just posting on Twitter without using punctuation or proper sentences. Which could lead to bad habits! I also found that I would post just to see how many retweets I would get or who’s liking what it is that I’m posting.

When I should have realized blogs are meant to be taken slowly. So that readers can understand what you’re aiming for as an author/ writer.  So in this section of my blog called Generating conversation, I’m going to merge a few posts I originally posted. So that readers can generate ideas and think of situations in their lives.

This first life situation is called “Stop: Stop being available for people who are not available to you. But know you should never stop for too long because stopping turns into not talking and not talking turns into the things that could have been. Don’t let someone actions dictate your actions be different be you. We are not mirrors and we should not act as such, because we become others.

This second situation, I want you to determine as the reader what the force is for yourself. Generate conversation on where I’m going with this. This piece called “Force: The force pushes us, we control the force, if we’re not capable of controlling it the force can control us. The force is there to learn about and to educate others about how far it is you have come to control the force within yourself. Generate conversation!

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