4 thoughts on “Trust????

  1. You can’t run out of air unless “actions” lead us as in people to running out of air. Because cause and effect! Same with falling in love you love because you can and you choose to not love. but love is love and love is endless and from within. Lastly the only limits are the limits that you place on yourself hits love!


  2. At the end of the day love is finite there’s only so much to go around the same with trust. That being said the secret to love is change you must learn to accept that not everything about you is lovely and that everyone has thorns. That said the currency of trust is love and you can only exchange it for trust if you want trust ultimately you have to give some trust away to get some in return.


      1. How can you run out of air? How can you fall out of love? How can you grow to distrust someone? There are limits to everything whether you can “see” them or not.


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