Father’s day

Happy Father’s Day to my father. He will not see this, but he should know that he is loved.

My father was in my life, but just as much as he was in my life he was gone. He was gone more then there and he continues to choose not to be there.

Going to church today highlighted what my mother would always tell me. “Your father is your father so acknowledge and respect him no matter what the case may be”. Being a kid I never saw it or understood it; because hate was filled from the constant disappearance of my father. I could never understand how a man who fathered children could pick and choose who his kids were.

I now have an understanding from my perspective and I now forgive him and love him no matter what. “A father is a father no matter whether he’s a good or bad father”.

So I will respect and appreciate my father because without him I would not be, without him I would not have the sisters and brothers I have been blessed with. So my father is my father and I love my father.

Happy Father’s Day

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