The Mental Wolf

Mental Health is real it’s a silent battle that seems to overtake so many people within this world. I have come to describe mental health, as people trapped in their own Heads. The problem with that is thinking about how one, get trapped in one’s own head. It’s a thought that is not so common, yet it’s something that can’t be explained; because it can’t be seen. So when something can’t be seen, it can be hard to grasp the concept.

We can’t see germs, yet we know that germs do exist, but germs, can be seen and explained using sciences, and man-made tools called Biological Microscopes. We hear mental health and shy away from it. Why is that? It’s because it’s a concept that is hard to grasp, yet it can be explained, through psychology which is also science; yet we don’t have a microscope that really reveals what it is that is going on in one’s head.

We can see brain waves, and brain activity but we still cannot see what’s really going on. Which makes Mental Health a concept that is just a concept and that concept is hard to grasp.

I want to tell a story about the mental wolf who happens to be a man, “No not a werewolf”! I’m sure you know what a werewolf is but, sometimes common, senses is not so common. So I’m going to amuse myself and explain briefly what a werewolf is. A werewolf is a fictional creature that has the ability to transform from human form to wolf form. That’s a werewolf in a nutshell.

Now back to my story the Mental Wolf,The baby boy was born, and that baby grew to be a child, and from child to young man; that young-man grew to be a man. As a young man, this young man made choices and those choices had consequences. We’re not going to give this young man a name or man because let’s be honest a name is just a name. This is also just a story but it’s my story, so young-man is just going to be young-man and man is going to be a man.

Back to the story Isiah, “Oh Okay”! The young man made choices which lead to consequences and those consequences lead to other choices. It’s a “Doggy Dogg World” Shout out to Snoop Dog AkA Snoop Lion AKA Uncle Snoop. What were the young-man choices? This young-man choices were robbing, stealing and killing. “DAMN” did you have to take it there? Yes, it’s necessary and it will help you understand the Mental Wolf! “Oh Okay, I’ll let you continue”. Okay before “I was rudely interrupted”, Mental Health in this story is common sense, to me yet not so common sense “Hints me talking to my self”.

So the consequences, that derived from the young-man choice was him spending countless years in a jail cell.During this time that young-man grew, to man, and that man, had countless years and time; to think about his choices, which had consequences and the consequences were him being in jail.

During that time in jail, that man had a silent battle with himself. The man overcame the silent battle and came out a Mental Wolf. The Mental wolf is strong and can overcome anything. The man had won the battle, but what now? That man was still in a jail cell. The thing about Mental health is, you can’t escape it or can you and if you can is the battle ever Won?That man still had the hope of one day getting out because after all I, did not say he had a life sentence. “You’re going to have to reread that if you missed it”.

That man just received a letter stating that he was being set free. That man is free and that man is no longer a man, he’s a man; who has so far won the silent battle which allows him to now be a mental wolf. That mental wolf is set free to now follow his dreams and get back what it is that the mental wolf lost. What he had lost was his young-man years and time. So now this mental wolf is chasing time, and the thing about time; is no matter how much you chase it, you can never get it back. Common sense is not so common.

So during this time the mental wolf, choices were to party, and gain what it is he lost. He partied, oh boy did he party! Choices!

That mental wolf is now hooked on partying and the lifestyle that comes with partying. Choices!

His choices have consequences! What are the consequences? The consequences are his mental health. The party lifestyle has now weakened, the mental wolf.

The silent battle is back and it is commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1! What will the mental wolf do now? The mental wolf is weakened. How will the wolf prevail this battle? Because the wolf is free but is he really free? Figure it out!

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