I’m still me!!!

Growing up, I would run to my room and lock myself away. I would lose myself in my room, and would be of sound, body, and mind. I enjoyed my room, my room was my safe place. My room was the place to be, I could be free! I was free to dream and think of the possibilities.

My room, had the basics like a television, bed, movies, computer, every game; and game system that any kid could ask for. My room was my Bat Cave, my Krypton, and my Teen Titan tower. My room was my place to dream.

my room was my safe place. My room thought me how to be myself, to love myself, and to understand myself. It taught me how to embrace myself when others, did not know I need to be embraced.

I was still me, but I was free. I was free from the hurt. I was free from judgement. I was free from looks. I was free from voices chattering. I was free, Or was I free?

Was I running away from the possibilities, that I only dreamed of behind my shut door?

Was I ever free, or was I trapped in a different reality in my room. My room was my everything, my room was my sanity. My room allowed me to be me. I was me but, I was not me when I stepped on the other side of that door.

Now my door is open, and I’m still free. I see that I’m still me. I’m free from judgment, I’m free from the voices chattering, I’m free from the steers. My door is now open, and I’m still free. I’m still me, Sound, body, and mind. I’m still me.

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