Better Black: BlackVisual

First off this post, will not be as long as the ones, that I have been writing. This post is an add-on to Better Black Oakland blog post. It’s a black visual into how we as African Americans, are starting to come together and enjoy one another. It’s a Black visual that gives you an experience, of what it is Better Black is aiming to do.

There introducing, and bring together people of color; in one area with a common goal. That goal is to be connected, with others like ourselves whose; on a journey and striving to become something Better. While also branching out to uplift one another as African American entrepreneurs. It may seem like it’s a party, but when you zoom out it’s something much much more.

Better Black is not just an experience it’s a new way of life. It’s positive and uplifting, and it’s something that is surely needed in our communities. Better Black may not know this but, it’s changing the stereotype of what it means to be Black, Beautiful, educated, ambitious, and unapologetic.

Better believe that it is nothing wrong with that. Now quoting my girl, who also is an Avid visual blogger by the name of onyx who’s blog name is she always tells me “And that’s Okay” with the shaded face!

Love you girl, and I appreciate you; because this name is inspired by you. Because your beautiful, black, educated and unapologetic. “BlackVisual”… hope you all enjoy this video I put together.

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