Dear Sister’s

Dear Sister’s

I’m writing to you to inform you that I love you. Your brother loves you deeper then you love yourself. I love myself which allows me to love my sisters. That love also now allows me to have a voice now, and not go with the flow of how things used to be.

At this point in my life, I have come to appreciate my sister fully and every life lesson that my older sisters have installed in me. I’m at a point now in life where I am able to understand those life lessons now, which allows me to truly see the level of nurturing and love that my three sisters have shown me.

“Three times is the number of times it takes me saying a person’s name to remember it”. I have said, my sisters, names for as long as I can remember them. My sister names are names that I will mention until I part from this world. Those names are names that I hold dear to me and are names that are definitely worth knowing. Roshell L. Flannigan, Rosalind L. Wise, and Angela R. Cummings are my sister’s names. My sisters are three unique individuals who all live life or has lived life according to there own accord. I say has lived life because one of my sisters is no longer here.

Roshell L. Flannigan-December 12, 1972, to January 28, 2008

The names are in a specific order, this time around and it’s the order of oldest to youngest. Rosell was my eldest sisters, she was full of life and you would have had to know her to understand her. She was definitely ahead of her time when it came to her level of thinking and her way of life. It’s not until now that I can fully understand the blessing that my sister was and the parts she played in my life. She was the life of the party as well as intellectual which tended to rub others the wrong way. Roshell was outspoken, ambitious, lonely, loving, caring, loyal, truthful, reckless, intelligent, and courageous, she was everything. “That can’t be argued”, she was our everything even when she, did not know it at times. We had up’s weave had downs, but our love was endless; for each other even, if we did not show it to each other at times. Which is why I miss her so much and continue to love her, even when she is no longer on this earth; the thought of Roshell remains in our hearts which allows her to live on and us to remember.

Rosalind L. Wise, The second oldest out of my sister, who’s alive and young at heart but mentally she’s a grown woman. Rosalind is also full of life but in her own way, she’s also hard to understand if you’re looking inside the window from the outside. The best way that I can describe Rosalind is she’s the joker out of the four of us. “No not the joker from the fictional comic book character Batman”. She’s literally, a joker which is just a person who is fond of joking. The best way to describe Rosalind from my observation of watching my big sister growing up is that shes like a deck of cards. She shuffles out randomness but she deals straights. She’s the joker in the deck, which means she makes up her own rules but always remains true to who she is. At times she does not know how to show love but when she does she showers the ones she holds dear. The crazy thing is others find it hard to understand the way that my sister loves, which makes them question it. The one thing that they can’t question is the level of loyalty she pushes out, even though she deals out tough love on a daily. My sister is too strong at times and does not know how to soften up enough to let others get close, that’s because of shes use to being disappointed by others. I have come to really appreciate my sister and the amount of strength she has and how much she can hold mentally.

Angela R. Cummings my third sister who is the youngest of my sisters, who I consider the protector, fighter, and provider. Angela is another tough one to crack but she has the heart of gold although she does not always show it. Angela is a double threat shes a mix between Roshell and Rosalind because; these three where inseparable growing up even though they fought like cats and dogs. Growing up Angela was the girly, girl and she still is but she’s a girl with a mean right hook. I don’t know where she learned to have the temper of a Spartan with the skill of a boxer but she’s definitely not the one to mess with. Now that she’s older she has learned to contain her temper which means that she is just growing into the woman she has always been just a little bit wiser. Angela is the sister and friend that if you call her and tell her that your about to fight, she will drop everything and be on her way. She will be just as hyped up, as the person calling; she has a way of matching others energy and dealing that energy in her fist when punching “Hints don’t fuck with her”. Angela is also a self-made hustler at heart with the mind of a businesswoman. My sister is also loving but like Rosalind holds on to a lot of things mentally. She’s not afraid to say or do anything, but she often chooses to say nothing at all and chooses to hold it in. I guess you can say that she wants others to just figure it out on there own.

All three of my sisters are beautiful, intelligent, outspoken, ambitious, truthful, loyal, the list goes on. Even though my sister shares so many of the same traits they all are very different. The one thing that can’t be argued is that they stick together whether they’re mad at one another or loving each other. A lot of this came from my mother, she installed love in all of us and made sure we understood; that we as sister’s and brother had to stick together. My mother dislikes seeing us argue amongst one another but always made sure that she stepped in and made us see that we don’t fight each other. She would tell us we fight the people in the street even though she did not approve of violence. My sisters are so different but yet the same, why is that? They’re the same in some ways because each one of my sisters observed, one another growing up as I have observed them. Slowing down and zooming out my sister learned from one another because they loved each other. They admired one another which allowed them to learn from each other. Through that admiration, they shaped one another but separated themselves from one another to become their individual selves. The love has always been there and it remains there, which allows us to continue to grow and love each other as sisters and brother. I love my sisters so much and I will continue to love them no matter what. No one can change the view of my sisters because there my sister’s and I love them for who they are individually but as a collective.


Isiah Cummings III

4 thoughts on “Dear Sister’s

    1. This was beautiful, you and Rosalind are a lot alike. People who don’t know you would think that you are mean, but once they get to know you, they will realize you are a jokester, straight shooter and a big love bug……

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      1. Very much so, what it comes down to is I’m all three of my sister in one. I’ve just separated what it is I learned and became myself which makes me a triple threat.


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