Figure it out:”Action and Reaction”: segment 01

Hello family, friends, Readers, and future Readers

I’m going to be introducing a new type of blog post in which I will be labeling them as segments. The reason for this is because there are several different situations and events that occur in one’s journey and throughout the world we live in. I view the world in a perspective of action and reaction. I understand that actions lead to reactions and reactions lead to other actions, Those actions then lead to newer reactions. It’s an ongoing cycle which does not slow down nor does it stop. The world and everything that’s in this world is on a 24-hour cycle. Actions will always lead to reactions even when were sleep, But as you know the planet called earth does not sleep; it continues to spin whether we want it to or not.

When you hear the word Action what comes to mind? When I hear the word Action I place myself in a directors chair and envision myself yelling the word Action while slamming a clapperboard. You know the black and white strip clapperboard that you tend to see behind the scenes when you watch a movie or television shows and you see the director or actor slams the clapperboard and say Action, cut, or that’s a wrap. Each of the phrases indicating a specific Action. Action meaning start, while cut interrupts the scene being acted out, lastly that’s a wrap or the end meaning that scene is complete. Each direction leads to a specific action which then leads to reactions from the actors. A reaction is actions that come from a person or other living things in which ether response physically and mentally to different situations or events that occurs.


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