Strengthening my Faith

Strengthening my faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and our father God. I will always mention Jesus Christ first because if it was not for him we would not have come to know our father name which is God. On this journey of strengthening my faith, I’ve learned for myself that we have to follow Jesus as if he was still walking on this earth. While also learning to remind me not to try and walk in front of Jesus, because he is our leader and he will lead us to the promised land. Faith means to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. So I’m working to strengthen my faith in Jesus and God our father who dwells in heaven.

I find that it is easy to lose faith in today’s world. With all that has come to pass as of late, it’s very easy to find myself drifting away and losing faith. I have lost faith in myself before, which has made it easy to lose faith in religion and humanity. When you lose faith in yourself it’s hard to have faith in anything around you. I’ve been in a place where I asked myself why was I put on this earth. Growing up I never felt like I was good at much outside of the little hobby’s I enjoyed. Those hobbies were dancing, art, cooking, gaming, and reading: although I could never find the time to read. I never got to be into sports growing up because, I was an overweight child. I was told by just about every sport, that I was to big to play sports. So I could never really add physical activity to my list of hobbies. The lack of faith and doubt I had in myself did not happen over night, it derived from people and there judgmental opinions of how things should be.

Growing up my favorite place has always been my room or my mother’s room. The rooms within the houses, I’ve lived in growing up was always my comfort zone. It was the one place I could go to get away from judgment. Growing up surrounded by judgmental individuals can take a toll on a person metal-state. I found myself starting to believe in what other’s would say about me, which increased the lack of faith I had for myself. When you hear something more then once, it becomes repetitive and you start to question yourself even though you personally don’t feel that away. I had to use the time I spent in my room to gather myself and remind myself of who I was and that I was something; even if no one else saw it or believed in me. It’s not an easy task building your faith back up after it has been beaten down and it continues to be poked and prodded. It’s something I’m still learning and working on, it does get hard at times but I have to meditate to realign my own thoughts of who I am and where I’m going.

My meditation now consists of listing to music, reading the Bible, praying, and talking to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and our father God. I find that this combination brings me all the joy I need and allows me to work on the faith I have in myself which allows me to have faith in Jesus and God our Father.

Coming to a close I want to share the prayer that I’ve come to enjoy and feels like it allows me to strengthen my very connection and faith with Jesus Christ.

I love I

He Loves He

I love him, and he loves me

We are able to love each other because we love our selves

By loving ourselves it allows us to love one another

Through that love, we are able to love all

And I am eternally Grateful.

I is for Isiah, Isiah loves Isiah

He is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior

Jesus Christ loves Jesus Christ

Isiah loves Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ loves Isiah

We are able to love each other because we love ourselves

By loving ourselves we are able to love each other and through that love we are able to love all

And I am Isiah and I’m eternally Grateful.

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