Motivation Moday: Food and Blogging

Today is August 8, 2018, and is the first Motivation Monday gathering being held that I was invited to so that we could eat, blog, and conversate. Today’s primary focus was to just relax and get our creative juices flowing while eating some amazing food prepaid by Satia. This was an opportunity I was not going to miss: who does not want amazing food mixed with good vibes, amazing conversation, and good people. I’ve mentioned in my recent post that I have not been blogging much. Which is why today was the perfect day to sit down, generate conversation and see where the day would takes us creatively.

Satia E. Frazier where do I start about this amazing woman. Satia is a multitalented chef who seems to be able to do it all. When I first met Satia, she yelled at me for mopping a floor, when her servers were in the middle of serving. If your in the food industry that’s a big No, No apparently. (Something about that being a hazard, I shrugged it off and rolled my eyes). Me being the person I was at the time, I did not really care; I thought she was just crazy. As time passed I grew to see that she yelled, because she was genuinely concerned about her team. When I realized that it allowed me to really see how amazing Satia was as a person rather then a coworker. Time continued to pass and we became to be the best of friends. I don’t know what I would do without the joy, creativity, and motivation this woman brings on a daily basis.

Satia E. Frazier is the woman that can do it all, she juggles multiple hats. She’s a chef, mother, businesswoman, and mentor. I’m sure it’s some things I left out but you get the picture she’s a busy woman. Satia is another person I would like to say is the epitome of what black excellence has come to stand for. If you can’t recall my definition of black excellence; it’s a black man or woman who execute honorable qualities as well as abilities while also empowering others people color. Empowering and motivating people of color is something that Satia does even when others are not looking, she’s a natural born leader.

Now going back into motivational Mondays, it was that much needed kick in the butt; I needed. It not only got my juices flowing but it helped me center my thoughts and focus. I also learned more about WordPress and how to get my post out more. It’s so much that I still don’t know about WordPress which I’m still currently learning as I go. So motivation Monday not only allowed me to relax, and eat but it educated me a little more about WordPress, blogging, and new apps available, that will assist bloggers; like myself on our blogging journey. I’ll be looking forward to doing this again when our times allow it.

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