What’s going on

It’s been awhile I know! I have not really been in the mood to really sit down and write. I also have not been doing what I need to be doing when it comes to myself. Its been a lot of procrastinating going on, mixed with stress. The stress derives from not understanding the minor detours, I encounter on my journey.

I know detours and obstacles are inevitable when it comes to life’s journey. I however still get bummed out, when things are not going the way I feel they should be going. Who doesn’t? I’ve been bummed out mixed with stressed over school, and my new job situation.

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been in the process of applying for college. If you’re just tuning into my blog the school I’m applying for is called Jesuits School of Theological study’s. I’ll be aiming to obtain my Masters degree in theological study. If your not sure what Theology is: it’s the study of The nature of God and religious beliefs. The steps of getting into this school required me to fill out a college application. The steps within the application required me to write a statement of purpose, obtain 2 letters of recommendation, and to take the GRE. I completed all the steps to gain admissions within the time limit given to start school September 1st.

This is when I should be jumping up and down right? I completed all the necessary steps on time right? Yes I did, but remember I mentioned obstacle and minor detours; this is one of them. Although I completed everything on time I ran into minor hick-ups. The first hick-up involved my GRE scores, Coming in just a day shy of the day my application; would have been processed. The second obstacle occurred, when the admission counselor contacted me. To let me know that the staff team who approves students applications were on vacation. After receiving the news I got bummed out, that I would not be starting school in September.

The last minor detour/obstacle I’m facing is my current job situation. I’ll speed this up a bit to catch you all up on what it is I’m currently doing. If you remember last I was working at a retirement center as a custodian. I ended up putting in my two week notice at the center, with the sole purpose to focus on school. I also found a new job that would accommodate my new school schedule. With this new job I’ll be working Monday through Friday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. I also would be off on all major holidays.

The job requires me to work with kids who attend the after school program called C.A.R.E’s. This job would accommodate my school schedule, hints on me making a change. The only problem I’m facing with this job is I have not started yet. I have not been able to start because of my background check. The company that the school district partners with is behind on background check nationwide.

I originally sat down and drew up a plan for a smooth transition. This transition would allow my cash flow, to continue to circulate during my job transition. It’s safe to say that plans go astray, even when you plan something perfectly; so you think. So you can just imagine, why my stress level is building. It’s from a lack of financal circulation, that im accustomed too. So I’ve been in cut back mode and doing what I must to survive. Bills do not sleep and collectors will not leave you alone tell your dead. While all this is going on I had to remind myself that life journeys come with struggles. Its up to us to endure the struggle and come out victories. You also have to try and stay positive even when things are not going the way you would want them to. If life journeys came without detours and obstacles I don’t think we could grow to appreciate life or our accomplishment.

Through this whole ordeal my faith as remained unshaken. I know that my lord and savior Jesus Christ and our father God has a grandfather plan. It’s easy to lose your faith when things are not going the way we like. So I found that learning patients is allowing me to get through little detours and obstacle like the ones I’m facing. I have faith in myself which allows me to not doubt the plan that a God has set forth. So during this little detour I’m resting up, and trying to remain focused on other goals. The closer it seems like I get to my dreams, the more things start to come my way. I’m in the process of learning to take it slow and not to overreact. To overreact to me is to question Gods, plans that he has for me. So I’m truly growing and learning as my journey continues.

Thanks for reading I’m going to be aiming to write more this month. I have so much I have to say and write. What really holds me up is that I think about the messages, I put out. I don’t necessary care about what others think, I do however, care about the intent that goes into my writing. I want to always ensure that love no mattter if its tough love or love, love that everything I do is geared around love. You can only fight love with love!


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