I’m no longer a mirror. I will not mirror what is done to me. I will only mirror love, and everything that comes with love; Just know when you throw a rock, at this mirror. It will be shattered, swepted up, and thrown away. Don’t try to put me back together, because now I’m shattered, […]

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The Mental Wolf

Mental Health is real it’s a silent battle that seems to overtake so many people within this world. I have come to describe mental health, as people trapped in their own Heads. The problem with that is thinking about how one, get trapped in one’s own head. It’s a thought that is not so common, […]

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Father’s day

Happy Father’s Day to my father. He will not see this, but he should know that he is loved. My father was in my life, but just as much as he was in my life he was gone. He was gone more then there and he continues to choose not to be there. Going to […]

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To love or to hate?

Hate produces hate and brings more hate. Love produces love and that love extends outward creating an abundance of love that continue to sprout. Hate can also do the same thing as love. So which one are you producing? Figure it out

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