Cause and effect

There cause will lead to their effect, just sit back and smile, then watch them lead themselves right over the cliff. Just know that I’ll cast you a rope, but I won’t  pull you up! I’ve seen Lion King, Now you figure it out!

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Better Black: BlackVisual

First off this post, will not be as long as the ones, that I have been writing. This post is an add-on to Better Black Oakland blog post. It’s a black visual into how we as African Americans, are starting to come together and enjoy one another. It’s a Black visual that gives you an […]

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Better Black Oakland

what is Better Black Oakland? Better black Oakland is now a non-profit stationed in Oakland California. Oakland is one of the many places linked to what we call the Bay Area. The Bay Area is considered a metropolitan region, here in Northern California. Oakland is one of the three city’s that reside in the regions […]

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I’m still me!!!

Growing up, I would run to my room and lock myself away. I would lose myself in my room, and would be of sound, body, and mind. I enjoyed my room, my room was my safe place. My room was the place to be, I could be free! I was free to dream and think […]

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I’m no longer a mirror. I will not mirror what is done to me. I will only mirror love, and everything that comes with love; Just know when you throw a rock, at this mirror. It will be shattered, swepted up, and thrown away. Don’t try to put me back together, because now I’m shattered, […]

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The Mental Wolf

Mental Health is real it’s a silent battle that seems to overtake so many people within this world. I have come to describe mental health, as people trapped in their own Heads. The problem with that is thinking about how one, get trapped in one’s own head. It’s a thought that is not so common, […]

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Father’s day

Happy Father’s Day to my father. He will not see this, but he should know that he is loved. My father was in my life, but just as much as he was in my life he was gone. He was gone more then there and he continues to choose not to be there. Going to […]

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