Dear Sister’s

Dear Sister’s I’m writing to you to inform you that I love you. Your brother loves you deeper then you love yourself. I love myself which allows me to love my sisters. That love also now allows me to have a voice now, and not go with the flow of how things used to be. […]

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Figure it out: Multi-task

This has been a long week for me dealing with work and trying to remain focus on myself. I tend to get sidetracked a lot dealing with others coming into my pathway whether it’s family, friends, or new acquaintances. I like to think that I can do it all and that I can multi-task but […]

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Cause and effect

There cause will lead to their effect, just sit back and smile, then watch them lead themselves right over the cliff. Just know that I’ll cast you a rope, but I won’t  pull you up! I’ve seen Lion King, Now you figure it out!

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Better Black: BlackVisual

First off this post, will not be as long as the ones, that I have been writing. This post is an add-on to Better Black Oakland blog post. It’s a black visual into how we as African Americans, are starting to come together and enjoy one another. It’s a Black visual that gives you an […]

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Better Black Oakland

what is Better Black Oakland? Better black Oakland is now a non-profit stationed in Oakland California. Oakland is one of the many places linked to what we call the Bay Area. The Bay Area is considered a metropolitan region, here in Northern California. Oakland is one of the three city’s that reside in the regions […]

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I’m still me!!!

Growing up, I would run to my room and lock myself away. I would lose myself in my room, and would be of sound, body, and mind. I enjoyed my room, my room was my safe place. My room was the place to be, I could be free! I was free to dream and think […]

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