What’s going on

It’s been awhile I know! I have not really been in the mood to really sit down and write. I also have not been doing what I need to be doing when it comes to myself. Its been a lot of procrastinating going on, mixed with stress. The stress derives from not understanding the minor […]

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I’m crazy

My mind is woke, and I’m surrounded by people but I feel so alone. I’m speaking words in a room full of loved ones and no one is hearing me. Am I here? Do they see me? Do they hear me? I know I’m here, I feel I’m here, I feel like I ’m awake. […]

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Three Times

Three times is the number of times it takes me saying a person’s name to remember it! Today I came across a lot of different faces, and a lot of different names. The faces and names, I will remember today are the faces; of upcoming talent and amazing creators. They dare to take on their […]

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Gardening metaphorically

Gardening is something that’s is so common but not so common. You plant a seed with the idea of knowing that it will grow. You water that seed, knowing that the water you pour will hydrate that very seed. Lastly, you let that seed receive sunlight; so that the seed sprouts and grow. (“Gardening”) Gardening […]

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Figure it Out Orgins

Hello Everyone!! I want to start off by introducing myself to the readers who will be reading my blog. My name is Isiah Cummings III, and I’m 31 years old. I don’t consider myself a writer, but I enjoy writing “hints” on this blog being started. This blog will serve as a look into my […]

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